Saturday, 19 March 2011

read this T_T

So sad.

I want my mom.

I want my dad.

I want my siblings.

To accompany me here.

To make me laugh.

To make my day become happy again.

I'm so alone here.

I don't belong to here.


When I think again,

I know,

There's God with me.

I don't need them all,

As long as God is with me.


I cannot deny that,

My family is my source of happiness,

They are always stand beside me,

In the time of joy and sorrow.

Not like some of my friends,

Who always betraying me.

But, it's okay,

I didn't mind at all,

Because I know,

Allah with those who patiently.

To my friend,

Whatever things you did to me,

I forgive you for that.

And I will try to forget it also.

One last thing from me to you,

I will always love you, my friend.

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